Kaneb Center

Notre DameWhile I was at the University of Notre Dame I served as a graduate/postdoctoral associate at the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning for 2 1/2 years. In this role, I worked with faculty and graduate students in developing evidence-based teaching methods and techniques, trained new teaching assistants, developed and facilitated regular teaching workshops, contributed articles to the Kaneb Center blog, and helped generate new content for teaching center activities. Below is a list of materials from workshops that I led, developed, and coordinated; they are stored here as a resource for myself and others.

Debate in the Classroom 
(Handouts | Presentation)
Foundations of Teaching I: Communicating Standards and Expectations (Handouts | Handouts II | Handouts III | Handouts IV)
Foundations of Teaching II: Leading Discussions and Lectures 
(Handouts | Handouts II)
Foundations of Teaching III: Grading and Responding to Student Work 
(Handouts | Handouts II | Handouts III | Handouts IV)
Foundations of Teaching IV: Teaching for Critical Thinking
 (Handouts | Handouts II | Handouts III | Handouts IV)
The Academic Job Market I: Putting Together Application Materials
The Academic Job Market II: The Teaching Philosophy Statement
The Academic Job Market III: Teaching at Different Types of Institutions
The Academic Job Market IV: Interviewing, the Job Talk, and Teaching Pitch 
Leading Review Sessions 
(Handouts | Presentation)
Storytelling as a Tool for Teaching and Learning (Handouts | Handouts II | Handouts III)
Assessment and Exam Design (Handouts | Handouts II | Presentation | Presentation II)
Writing a Syllabus (Handouts | Handouts IIPresentation | Presentation II)
Teaching for Social Justice (Handouts | Presentation)
Conflict in the Classroom (HandoutsPresentation)
Interactive Lectures for Engaged Learning (Handouts | Presentation)
Teaching With Current Events (Handouts | Presentation)
We are ND: Creating Inclusive Spaces
(Handouts | Presentation)
But I Didn’t Mean It That Way: Microaggressions
The Three Big ISM’s: Race, Class, and Gender 
Authentic Teaching (Handouts | Goal-Setting | Presentation)
Understanding and Fostering Student Motivation (Handouts | Presentation)